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Vegetarian | vegan sweets
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Thankfully there are plenty of sweets available on the market these days that are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly that taste even better than their meaty equivalents!!

Our aim here at Unique Sweets & Treats is to provide you with a great range of Vegetarian & Vegan friendly sweets in our dispensers at 'Sweetie Central' and in fact, you would be surprised to learn that almost 50% of our stock is Vegetarian or Vegan friendly!

As well as Pick 'N' Mix and Traditional Sweet Shop Favourites, we have an amazing range of Diary Free Chocolate, courtesy from our friends at Moo Free HQ!


Moo dairy free chocolate ranges include everything from bite sized chocolate treats to premium, organic chocolate for the dairy dodging, vegan friendly, chocolate connoisseur!

Don't just take our word for it, pop along into our Crediton Store today as we invite you to Come, Look & Eat!

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moo free chocolate

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