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Gluten Free Sweets
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Looking for Gluten Free Sweets? - Well you've come to the right place, and just because you have a dietary condition, there's no need to compromise on flavour either!!

You'll be surprised to learn that a large proportion of the most iconic Pick 'N' Mix Sweets that are filled in our dispensers at 'Sweetie Central' are in fact Gluten Free and they taste amazing!! 

The finest quality, freshest retro Pick 'N' Mix sweets from respected brands, including Kingsway, Haribo & Barratt's, all with long, best before dates! Sealed for Freshness…, our boxes, pouches & cups are crammed full of a great selection of retro Pick 'N' Mix sweets from our dispenser at Sweetie Central; including gummy, fizzy, foam and chocolate. Use the 'Customise Me' box when ordering to let us know if you have any fill preferences, or if you have any dietary requirements as we have a vast range to cater for everyone!

Don't just take our word for it, pop along into our Crediton Store today as we invite you to Come, Look & Eat!

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Jelly beans

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jelly babies

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lemon bon bons

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