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Create Your Own (250g) Retro Pick 'N' Mix (5 x Fillings)

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We are super pleased to present our ‘Create Your Own’ Retro Pick ‘N’ Mix Pouches that comes in a super smart, resealable food grade pouch, that contains at least 250g of the freshest retro Pick ‘N’ Mix Sweets from respected brands, including Kingsway & Haribo, all with long best before dates and best of all, you get to choose your own perfect mix!!

Select up to 5 choices of sweets from the one of the finest selections of Retro Pick ‘N’ Mix Sweets available direct from our dispensers at Sweetie Central and our team of specialist pickers will personally fill your pouch & prepare it for delivery!

Occasionally we run low on stocks of a particular sweet but if that is the case, we will double up on another choice from the selections that you make.

Pouch Dimensions:

13cm x 18cm

Fill Contents:

Min: 250g

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